With 26 years Ariel Roig, tenor singer, showed musical skills since childhood, music, audio equipment, computers, composition, poetry and dance accompanied him throughout his childhood and adolescence.

After graduating from higher engineering studies, in 2017 it begins the desire to practice music. It was not until the end of the same year, impatient, that he decided to turn his life around, thanks to a first impulse given by friends of Hip Hop, Jazz and one of his older brothers, who had heard him singing in shyness.

He started participating in small spaces as a guest, and began to make his own music and produce his own songs. By that time, he had already in mind the ambitious idea of ​​creating a project of his own, as well as getting involved in others with artists from the Cuban alternative scene with whom to share his artistic dreams. After his participation in the First Base for new interpreters of the Havana World Music Festival 2018, this idea begins to take shape and name, currently R.O.I (Rythm of Indra).