Nengón Kiribá

This group has mantained alive the cuban musical roots and traditions, craftsmen of  the cells that gave birth to the Cuban son.

Founded in 1982 by Venecio Tavera, it is currently based in Güirito, a rural community 20 kilometers away from the city of Baracoa. In Güirito, nengón and kiribá have been transmitted for generations as forms of song and dance identity, a cultural heritage that remains alive until today. Many of its inhabitants learned from their parents and grandparents these forms of song and dance, of great popular roots imbricated as an integral cultural expression of great tradition in the area. These rhythms, two of the eight natives of the Baracoa region, are prime cells of Cuban son.

The Nengón-Kiribá group has won the National Prize for Community Culture and the Memoria Viva prize. The are the protagonists of the traditional Kiribá Festival celebration.