Mc and musical producer began his career in Havana, Cuba within the hip hop movement of the late 90s. Kumar is one of those artists that gives off a special shine on stage, a mystique takes over the environment, with a broken, rhythmic voice and with a melodious Afro-Cuban accent, invokes his ancestors in his song. Artificer of the word, with the verse interweaves images that induce us to open the mind, to connect, to awaken the being, to the uprising.As a rapper, his music is machine-cooked and flavored with ethnic, acoustic, analogue and digital instruments under the influences of Afro-Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Electronic and especially Cuban traditional and folk music. His staging is a stroke of energy, as possessed by the drums he improvises, tells patakines, dances while making dance. In his concerts there is joy, carefreeness, complicity, conscience, multiculturalism.